Montreal on Monopoly

This morning I'm really proud to be a Montrealer. Why? Because pretty much everyone in this city gather on the Internet in February and vote for Montreal to win the top spot on global Monopoly game board. We won and I we deserve it because Montreal is truly an amazing city.

If you are an outsider and want to learn more about Montreal visit Tourism-montreal website.

- Martin Gauthier


Conversational Capital

Other then being, to my opinion, the best website created to promote a book, you will learn a lot about Conversational Capital. Take a peak at this website and run to buy your copy. You can also buy it from Amazon. Kudos to Bertrand, Eric and Tony.

What is your opinion about this book?

- Martin Gauthier


Another article on Sid Lee @ Creativity. It's fun to see that we start to resonate Internationally.

- Martin Gauthier

Marketing Mag

Marketing Mag wrote an article on Sid Lee. We even made the cover? It talks about our past and our recent adidas win.

- Martin Gauthier

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