Le top 3 des agences les plus créatives du monde selon Nicolas Bard

Mon associé JF Bouchard m'a fait parvenir ce lien d'un blogueur français. Nous l'aimons beaucoup celui-là! Je me demande pourquoi : )

Ce dernier nous fait une belle fleur en nous alignant aux cotés de Crispin et Droga5. Nous ne croyons pas appartenir à cette catégorie mais nous travaillons fort pour le devenir...un jour.
J'aime beaucoup l'exercice par contre et j'aimerais vous entendre là-dessus. Selon vous quel est le top 3 des agences les plus créatives au monde?

Martin Gauthier


Lire l'article de Direction Informatique ici

Lire l'article d'Infopresse ici

Lire l'article de Ressac ici

Lire l'article de Branchez-vous ici

Lire d'autres commentaires (incluant ceux de nos détracteurs) ici

Site de Toursime Montréal


Martin Gauthier


Found a lot of interesting stuff on The FWA this morning. Very inspiring! I also found this amazing online game. Take care though, it's very addictive.

Martin Gauthier

Have you ever listen to Fredo Viola?

Just found his new website. This guy makes me nuts. Try to find and ear those songs ; Test the turn, Sad Song and Test Umbrella. Also available on Itunes Sad Song (Roland Appel Remix).

Martin Gauthier

Nvidia Speak Visual™ Show

In 2009 Nvidia will host The Speak Visual™ Show featuring the most innovative art from artist around the world, with massive projections on building across the globe that are broadcast online. This event will surely not be held in Montreal. Thanks to the city of Montreal. Sid Lee tried to organized projections on buildings often but have been blocked by the city every time. It's too bad that a city as creative as Montreal does not permit such creativity once in a while. I guess this will be possible in Quebec City since they permitted last year one of the best projection on building ever realized "Le moulin à image" from Robert Lepage. Note that my partner Philipe Meunier also took part of this amazing project.

Anyway, if you feel you have some creativity on your computer that deserve to be projected on buildings across the world, log-on to this site and upload your work now!

Martin Gauthier


Cocktails de Noël SAQ

On m'entend souvent parler de l'importance de la distribution de contenu. Le contenu ne doit plus seulement reposer sur une adresse Internet. Il se doit d'être partagé sur plusieurs sites et sur plusieurs plateformes afin de maximiser les retours sur investissement et les retombés. Voici un excellent exemple de distribution pour le site espacecocktail.com de la SAQ. La distribution de contenu sur MSN n'est qu'un exemple pour ce site. Plusieurs plateformes suivront sous peu.

Martin Gauthier


Launch of the new type of domain name “.TEL”

We wish to take a few moments to inform you, or remind you, that, starting December 3 at 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST), applications for the new type of domain name “.TEL” will start to be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

.TEL is a new type of domain name (similar to .COM and .CA for instance) with a very specific purpose. The Registry operator (www.telnic.org ) wants to position itself as "the first real-time global directory", both for businesses and individuals.

The .TEL domain name is created to allow Internet users to access various categories of contact information published by the domain name registrant (about itself, its departments, its locations, its subsidiaries, and/or its staff) without the need to visit a website; it also will allow them to keep contact information up-to-date as soon as modifications are published.

Until February 2, 2009, only owners and licensees of registered trade-marks are allowed to apply and register .TEL domain names that correspond to trade-marks in which they have rights.

Given that nobody can predict if .TEL domain names will have a significant importance in the manner in which businesses and individuals share contact information in the future, we believe that it would be prudent for your organization, as the owner of registered trade-marks, to determine the corresponding domain name(s) that it wishes to use for itself or to hold in order to prevent third parties from registering them when the next launch phases will start.

Please note that the dates below are the key dates in respect of the launch of .TEL:

From 2008-12-03 to 2009-02-02: SUNRISE (registrations are reserved for trademark owners; pre-orders are possible with accredited registrars)

From 2009-02-03 to 2009-03-23: LANDRUSH (registrations open to all at premium price)

Starting 2009-03-24: GENERAL AVAILABILITY (registration open to all)

Are you going to use this service? Please let me know what you think.

Martin Gauthier

Sid Lee et la marque Montréal à Amsterdam

(Amsterdam) À un jet de pierre du musée et de la brasserie Heineken, au 70, Gerard Doustraat, une petite rue branchée d'Amsterdam, je suis tombée nez à nez avec un portrait du maire Jean Drapeau la semaine dernière. Le portrait était peint en noir sur une façade, tout en noir elle aussi, sur laquelle j'ai reconnu des dessins du Bonhomme Carnaval, de joueurs de hockey, d'une fleur de lys et quelques inscriptions comme «ostie de câlisse» ou «Made in Montreal».


Martin Gauthier


Audience migration

found at Ad age

If you are a marketer who's spent the past decade investing in a robust website to attract customers and prospects, and you're therefore disinclined to cannibalize your traffic by giving away Website-in-a-Can, don't get too smug. Your audience is making that decision for you.

In the past three months, according to Alexa, Apple.com's page views per user are down 9%; Comcast.net is down 1%; Dell.com, down 22%; AT&T.com, down 18%; Xbox.com, down 9% and so on as corporate e-bastions begin to experience the same audience fragmentation that is killing old media. "As popular as your site may be," the reality is that people are actually visiting Yahoo, MySpace, Google and Facebook thousands of times more than they're visiting you."

- Martin Gauthier


adidas :: Behind the scene

from : Extra TV

Peek at the star-studded new adidas ad created by Sid Lee -- plus bonus footage from the making of the commercial! More to come

Martin Gauthier

adidas Atelier in HK


adidas Originals recently opened their latest Atelier Concept Store in Hong Kong. Renovating their previous space in Causeway Bay, local artist Dorophy Tang was on hand to exhibit her Shopping Baby pieces as well as art done exclusively for the store. Another noteworthy addition to one of adidas’ largest Originals collection spaces is the mi adidas Originals which allows for customization of some of adidas’ iconic lifestyle models including the Superstar, Stan Smith and ZX700.

Martin Gauthier

adidas original

adidas is turning 60 in 2009, so to celebrate Sid Lee created a massive campaign to show just how cool and original they are. This is only the beginning. Come back for more details in a near future.

The track featured is “Beggin,” remix by Pilooski. You can watch a clip by Norwegian hip-hop duo Madcon, which also uses a Frankie Valle sample, and is a nice song in its own right.

A viral video is coming soon featuring David Beckam. I'll post it as soon as I can.

Please give me your comments on this campaign.

Martin Gaurhier



Publicité pour le festival Arcadia. Dépêchez-vous c'est en fin de semaine. Une création de Sid Lee.

- Martin Gauthier


RedBull Crashed Ice

It's that time once again this year to subscribe to the RedBull Crashed Ice event 2009 via Sid Lee's new web creation for the event. You can also learn more about this event by subscribing to the Facebook group.

The event will be held in Quebec city on January 24 2009. The entire team at Sid Lee will be there to watch the event. Will you be there?

How do you like the site?

- Martin Gauthier

Un petit "DRINKS"? :: SAQ Cocktails

Sid Lee en collaboration avec la SAQ vient de lancer son site Espace Cocktail. Lors de votre prochain 5 @ 7 branchez vous sur www.espacecocktail.com et suivez les étapes vidéos afin de créer le "commentcacefaitcecocktailladonc" : )

In collaboration with La société des alcool du Québec, Sid Lee just launched Espace Cocktail. Make sure you log-in to www.espacecocktail.com on your next happy hour to create the "whatchamacallitcocktail" : )

Tell me what you think!

- Martin Gauthier


Bertrand Cesvet on Conversational Capital

My partner Bertrand Cesvet gave an interview on Total Picture Radio.

Great prelude to buying the book. You should, it's a great read.

- Martin Gauthier


Montreal on Monopoly

This morning I'm really proud to be a Montrealer. Why? Because pretty much everyone in this city gather on the Internet in February and vote for Montreal to win the top spot on global Monopoly game board. We won and I we deserve it because Montreal is truly an amazing city.

If you are an outsider and want to learn more about Montreal visit Tourism-montreal website.

- Martin Gauthier


Conversational Capital

Other then being, to my opinion, the best website created to promote a book, you will learn a lot about Conversational Capital. Take a peak at this website and run to buy your copy. You can also buy it from Amazon. Kudos to Bertrand, Eric and Tony.

What is your opinion about this book?

- Martin Gauthier


Another article on Sid Lee @ Creativity. It's fun to see that we start to resonate Internationally.

- Martin Gauthier

Marketing Mag

Marketing Mag wrote an article on Sid Lee. We even made the cover? It talks about our past and our recent adidas win.

- Martin Gauthier



First phase for the introduction of this new permanent show in Macau. Since no show material was available for this phase, we created a mix of scenes from other shows by Cirque du Soleil. For this market emphasis on theatrical acts, costumes, dance, was more important then acrobatics.

Stay tune for phase 2 of the site.

- Martin Gauthier

Sid Lee experiments with QR codes

by Jesse Kohl

Montreal-based Sid Lee tested out the mobile tech known as QR (quick response) codes at the Salon international du design d'intérieur de Montréal (SIDIM) last weekend, giving the public a chance to engage with the communications tool in order to access exclusive content.

The Sid Lee Collective kiosk, which was introducing a collection of chairs at SIDIM, was decorated in the black and white graphic images of QR codes, which are two-dimensional barcodes that redirect to URLs. Members of the public were invited to take a photo of these codes using a cell phone in order to access an online interview with the creators of the chairs.

Sid Lee president Jean-François Bouchard tells MiC the agency will be integrating QR codes into a retail project in Amsterdam and an editorial project in the USA. In the Canadian market, the agency plans to use QR codes for a client in a 2009.

"They are used to store information that generally takes up a lot of space," Sid Lee director and new media specialist Yanick Bédard says of the QR codes. "Once decoded, this information can be read with compatible cell phones. QR Codes are not used all that much here, but they're very common in Asia. Companies use them to position ads, offer coupons or record information about their partners."

SUCC (slightly uncomfortable chair concept) by Sid Lee

- Martin Gauthier


Go Habs Go!

Profitant de la fièvre des séries ce jeune architecte d'entreprise à la Banque Nationale a eu une idée brillante pour encenser les prouesses de Carey Price. Vous pouvez voir cette statue en face de la caisse de dépôt et de placements du Québec.

Bravo à Guillaume Pharand!

- Martin Gauthier


Microsoft Surface

Microsoft just started to commercialize Surface with AT & T. Seven retail stores are already equipped with this technology. We want one for Sid Lee : )

What do you think of this technology in a retail environment? Let me know!

Martin Gauthier


Criss Angel Believe official Website

Sid Lee just released phase one of the new Website regarding the new Cirque du Soleil show Believe. Both fans from Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil could get theirs hands on the first tickets exclusively offered for them. Stay tune much more to come.

- Martin Gauthier

Red Bull

Last night Red Bull Canada rolled in the Sugga, a 1956 Volvo that the company tweaked just a tiny bit for situations like the seven game between the Habs and the bruins . This amazing truck was in front of 1234 on De la Montagne, visible from both the 1234 terrace and Rosalie's one. Three LCD screens on the Sugga were showing the game, with sound on both terraces, making it an ideal spot to enjoy the nice weather that Red Bull drinkers been dying for.

- Martin Gauthier



Site extrêmement bien pensé. Une idée brillante. Allez-y, tester vos oreilles.....

- Martin Gauthier

Coke Zero

2 in 2! These guys are awesome. After the huge success of Get the Glass, the North Kingdom folks are back with Coke Zero Game. Very well programmed, fast, sticky. Great stuff guys.

- Martin Gauthier


Criss Angel - Houdini Birthday Message

First part of the leaking strategy for the launch of his new show at The Luxor, produce by Cirque du Soleil.

- Martin Gauthier



You guys thought that facebook was intrusive. What about this tool?

- Martin Gauthier


Nouveau microsite produit par Sid Lee permettant aux Internautes de découvrir les différentes régions vinicoles de l'Italie. N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire au concours afin de courir la chance de gagner un des 3 voyages vers cette destination enchanteresse.

Plusieurs personnes me disait ne pas se rendre sur SAQ.com puisqu'il n'existait pas assez de contenus "découverte". Étais-ce votre cas? Est-ce que ce contenu porte plus à découvrir de nouveaux produits selon vous? Commentaires svp...

- Martin Gauthier



Aviary is a suite of web-based applications (RIAs) for people who create. From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, we have a tool for artists of all genres.

If your an artist, even a pseudo one, you should take a close look at this and sign to become a beta tester.

- Martin Gauthier


adidas diesel

Notre toute dernière réalisation depuis notre nouvelle union avec adidas original

adidas Originals et Diesel, deux marques lifestyle incontournables, lancent une collaboration qui sera marquante : adidas Originals Denim by Diesel. Le concept global des différentes déclinaisons de la campagne est la représentation de 83 original ways to successfully waste your time (83 méthodes originales pour perdre son temps intelligemment) qui reproduisent des situations ludiques et inspirées, avec l’originalité au premier plan.

Lors de la réalisation de la campagne de denim adidas/Diesel, quelques membres de l'équipe Sid Lee ont participé en tant que photographes /videographes.

Vos commentaires sur cette plateforme d'échange? Est-ce que le "user generated content" est pertinent dans un tel cas?

Nous avons également créé une application Facebook pour ce site.

- Martin Gauthier

Ford :: Powered by You - The making of

One of the best ad ever created for Ford. It's a great concept. You will love this behind the scene video.

Do you think Ford stands out with this piece of advertising? Let me know


Navigation Menus: Trends and Examples

Great read! Beside trends 4 and 5 these are great exemples everyone should follow.

What are your thoughts on this?



Projection par jets d'eau

Par Alex Pasini

Jamais je n'ai vu de ma vie une si belle projection sur de l'eau. Souvent j'ai rêvé de créer une publicité du Cirque du Soleil qui utilise cette technologie. Le moment est arrivé....

- Par Martin Gauthier



En ce début d'année, je n'arrête pas de dire à ma "gang" combien il est important de créer, en 2008, des expériences en ligne qui touchent la tête, le cœur et les jambes. Ce site est le parfait exemple de ce que les consommateurs recherchent.

- Martin Gauthier



Une des technologies les plus brillantes des dernières années. Je suis tombé sur le derrière. On est loin du VRML. Comment utiliseriez-vous cette technologie à des fins marketing?

Qu'en pensez-vous?

- Martin Gauthier

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