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One of the best ad ever created for Ford. It's a great concept. You will love this behind the scene video.

Do you think Ford stands out with this piece of advertising? Let me know


Anonyme a dit...

Great commercial which is one I like to watch in its entirety everytime it shows. In fact it is a Ford Canada ad and its the driving force behind their new image campaign. It uses the extraordinary talent of the Pilobolus Dance Company. Strangely, though, Pilobolus just did another ad in the same vein for Hyundai. You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elWf8nI6ivw

They also did an extraordinary one, all in hand shadows for Volkswagen a few years back.

Jean-julien Guyot a dit...

wow franchement la première fois que j ai vu cette pub je n en revenais pas de l annonceur, belle surprise.

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