New adidas original website

After 4 months of strategy, design, programming and creativity we launched the new adidas originals website. I have to tell you that this was a hell of a project. Everyone including the client worked days and nights to create this baby. We are very proud of what we did. I hope you will as well.

Let's get this party started. ....

What is your feeling about this site?

- Martin Gauthier


The T-Mobile Dance :: Street Marketing

One of my friend sent me this video this morning. Great "street marketing" performance. Imagine how many people will share this video on the web. Because of that thousands will talk about T-Mobile. This is great advertising. We should see this more. I'm not surprise if they win big at Cannes this year with this idea.

Martin Gauthier


Volume at the Victoria and Albert Museum

One of the most amazing Interactive installation I've ever seen. Beautiful!!!

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