Audience migration

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If you are a marketer who's spent the past decade investing in a robust website to attract customers and prospects, and you're therefore disinclined to cannibalize your traffic by giving away Website-in-a-Can, don't get too smug. Your audience is making that decision for you.

In the past three months, according to Alexa, Apple.com's page views per user are down 9%; Comcast.net is down 1%; Dell.com, down 22%; AT&T.com, down 18%; Xbox.com, down 9% and so on as corporate e-bastions begin to experience the same audience fragmentation that is killing old media. "As popular as your site may be," the reality is that people are actually visiting Yahoo, MySpace, Google and Facebook thousands of times more than they're visiting you."

- Martin Gauthier


Jean-julien Guyot a dit...

on est bien d'accord

- l'environnement du site est plus important que le site

- le site n'a pas d'autre alternative que de se renouveler au travers d'une expérience de marque constituée d'émotions et de vecteurs WOM.

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