Launch of the new type of domain name “.TEL”

We wish to take a few moments to inform you, or remind you, that, starting December 3 at 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST), applications for the new type of domain name “.TEL” will start to be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

.TEL is a new type of domain name (similar to .COM and .CA for instance) with a very specific purpose. The Registry operator (www.telnic.org ) wants to position itself as "the first real-time global directory", both for businesses and individuals.

The .TEL domain name is created to allow Internet users to access various categories of contact information published by the domain name registrant (about itself, its departments, its locations, its subsidiaries, and/or its staff) without the need to visit a website; it also will allow them to keep contact information up-to-date as soon as modifications are published.

Until February 2, 2009, only owners and licensees of registered trade-marks are allowed to apply and register .TEL domain names that correspond to trade-marks in which they have rights.

Given that nobody can predict if .TEL domain names will have a significant importance in the manner in which businesses and individuals share contact information in the future, we believe that it would be prudent for your organization, as the owner of registered trade-marks, to determine the corresponding domain name(s) that it wishes to use for itself or to hold in order to prevent third parties from registering them when the next launch phases will start.

Please note that the dates below are the key dates in respect of the launch of .TEL:

From 2008-12-03 to 2009-02-02: SUNRISE (registrations are reserved for trademark owners; pre-orders are possible with accredited registrars)

From 2009-02-03 to 2009-03-23: LANDRUSH (registrations open to all at premium price)

Starting 2009-03-24: GENERAL AVAILABILITY (registration open to all)

Are you going to use this service? Please let me know what you think.

Martin Gauthier

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