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Everyone these days are surfing through Google video or Youtube looking for videos. Even if these two delivers great experiences some other video website are worth a visit. Recently I heard about brightcove, a very smooth user interface with a video quality that, to my opinion, surpasses Google and Youtube. You should take a close look at it. They also offers the possibility to create a personnal channel. I'm starting to dream about Sid's own video channel. It could be very interesting. Don't you think?

Here are some other very interesting websites that offers great video:

Get paid to display you video. It works! Someone already receive 24 000$ for posting.

MSN Video
MSN shot at video on the web. I hate the way they are doing

Digg Video
Digg that Video!

The Free and Open Source Internet TV platform

Lots of music videos!

Lots of french and europeen content!

I know that there's more but these are the one I prefer. Which is yours?

- Martin Gauthier


Anonyme a dit...

Ho! Un channel Sid Lee! C'est clair que cela serait interressant! Je suis un gros fan de Sid Lee collective (je suis toujours rendu la :P lolol) donc un channel serait une tribune de plus à surveiller pour les disciples assoiffés de créativité dans mon genre. :P

P.S. Merci pour ce retour Martin! Les posts commençaient à daté... J'ai quasiment eu le temps de m'ennuyer moi là! lol

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