Ryan Larkin

From NFB
Ryan was living every artist's worst nightmare: losing his ability to create and to provide for himself. He panhandles on the street of Montreal to make ends meet. But more than thirty years ago, he was among the world's most celebrated animators and an Oscar nominee.

In the 1960s, Ryan Larkin was a 19-year-old protégé of Norman McLaren. With McLaren's support, Larkin was given a rare carte blanche at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and made one of the most influential animation films of all time, Walking (1968). By 1999, Larkin was living on welfare in a mission house and panhandling for spending money.

Larkin died this week from metastasized lung cancer

At Sid Lee we love artists and artisans. Every conference room holds the name of craftsman's we like. I'll see with my partners if Ryan can be next on the list.

"Ryan was an inspiration to everyone who knew him and to generations
of creative spirits in Canada and around the world,"

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- Martin Gauthier


Anonyme a dit...

Thank you for the salute to one of the unsung heroes of our Montreal creative community. Ryan had a hard life but his mind was an amazing beacon of light. In this era of huge corporate production, he was a free and independant creator. We need more Ryan Larkins to reinvent arts and creativity.

Gots a dit...

Thanks Marc. Your are so right!!!!

octavian a dit...

i agree, the guy was a genious... he would even deserve La French...

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